A backronym is a special type of acronym that takes an existing word which normally doesn't refer to any acronym, and makes a sentence, or other type of acronym by taking each letter (in sequence) to form words starting with those letters. For example, this wiki itself refers to one:

In the context of this Wiki, name Suzanne; the name was chosen for an activist group, but it was decided that it would be backronymed as (S)alvo (U)nderground (Z)one (A)nd (N)erd (N)etwork (E)nterprise.

It has also been hypothesized what the Suzanne movement would have been called if names similar to Suzanne were to be used instead:

Other examples of backronyms

(examples to be added)

See also

  • Recursive acronym, a special type of backronym, which deserves it's own article entry.

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