The Nunica Internet Social Alliance is an activist group based in Nunica, Michigan.


In the year 2010, LimeWire shut down due to a legal injunction, of which prompted some activism for free entertainment on the internet, as well as the formation of Nunica Music Channel.

Relationship with Suzanne

In August 2014, former service workers of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance left that cause and moved out of Nunica, MI and went to the town of Salvo, NC in the Outer Banks and started the activist group Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise.

The Suzanne movement started some subsidiaries of their own to compete against Nisa's subsidiaries. Salvo Music Waves started to compete against Nunica Music Channel in which Suzanne had the upper hand over Nisa's subsidiary NunicaMusicChannel. Salvo Music Waves was uploading full albums to their YouTube channel until a copyfraud strike occurred. Now with the formation of Nisa's new subsidiary Emcee Nisa, Nisa's may end up having the upper hand over Suzanne for a while.

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