This album cover sports a truncated caption about being a "tribute to Prince", and has the record label's more recent logo slapped to the bottom left corner, better matching the color scheme.


A previously used album cover for the album before MediaFire compromised the download link, it has criticism of WMG blocking YouTube audio because others also think YouTube was unfair to users to block Prince's music.

Prince's Greatest Hits is a free album from Suzanne Records which was produced as a tribute to the artist Prince. The album was mainly produced as a response to Prince's April 2016 death. But it was also produced as a statement to how unfair copyright bots on YouTube are for blocking Prince songs from the videos on the website.


  1. Prince - Kiss
  2. Prince - When Doves Cry
  3. Prince - Lets Go Crazy
  4. Prince - DMSR
  5. Prince - 1999
  6. Prince - Erotic City
  7. Prince - I Would Die 4 U (LP version)
  8. Prince - Little Red Corvette
  9. Prince - Diamonds And Pearls [F]
  10. Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl [V]
  11. Art Of Noise - Kiss [C]
  12. George Clinton - Erotic City (extended sweat mix) [C]
  13. Timex Social Club - Rumors [B]
[B] an additional BONUS TRACK not actually by Prince
-added for this REVISION of the album. (see note above)
[C] this track is a cover version of a Prince track
[F] this track was broken on the previous release of the album, and was fixed in this release.
[V] not an actual Prince song, but the artist collaborated with Prince on some occasions
-we just wanted to include this song to also pay tribute to Vanity's death earlier in 2016.

Fun facts

  • One of the members of the band Vanity 6 had a Suzanne-like name (i.e. Susan)
  • Prince was engaged to somebody named Susannah in 1984, which sums up the connections to the name "suzanne"
    • to pay homage to Prince's ex-partner from the Purple Rain days (or the year 1984), a Newgrounds account titled Susannah would be made to host a download link for the re-release of this album.


Within 24 hours of release, this album became the MOST DOWNLOADED ALBUM to be distributed by Suzanne Records, with about 75 downloads even though its a small number to mainstream standards, but its alot compared to many other Suzanne albums which got less than 20 downloads. On subsequent days, this album's download hit the 100 mark, and got even more downloads.

Since this album has been downloaded over 100 times over the weekend, this proves that Suzanne Records has had more success outside of YTMND, and doesn't even need YTMND for success. On top of that, this may also indicate that many Prince fans may be protesting YouTube's blocking of Prince's music with all the downloading of this album.

AS of 2017, the MediaFire mirror has compromised the download link into an ad to buy a Prince album from, so the download link has been moved to Newgrounds, along with some revisions to the album as well.

External links

Obsolete download links

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