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older logo which was rendered from enlarged pixels, which the new logo would in turn be rendered from with angled lines.

The Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise (often known as Suzanne) is an activist group that strives for salvation of free entertainment.


The Suzanne movement has been started in Salvo, NC in the Outer Banks in which the founding of this activist group occurred when a bunch of friends got frustrated over the fact that some online services have been subjected to copyfraud, since as Warner Music Group's blocking of music on YouTube which has pissed off many YouTubers.

The Suzanne movement was also formed because former service workers of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance struggled to maintain loyalty and wanted to start their own cause, in which has lead to competition in the market for free entertainment activism. Now, we see stiff competition between Suzanne, and Nisa.

Ever since late 2014, the Suzanne movement has been getting some success on YTMND after some sites by YTMND user Suzanne have gotten some Up and Coming and Top Rated This Week accolades.

On October 20, 2015, many references to YTMND on social media made by the Suzanne movement have been removed due to exposure of personal info on YTMND. Alongside this, references to Goatse have also been removed from social media too. But a while after this, some of those references started to re-emerge as new plans would be formulated.

In 2016, Operation YouTube MND would be started so the Suzanne movement would remake YTMND sites made by other YTMND users in an attempt to continue the legacy of Suzanne's YTMND career without having to deal with trolls on YTMND Proper.


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