Sault Zne. Vegas is an upcoming MP3 album from Suzanne Records.

The name

The name of this album, Sault Zne. Vegas is a parody of the name Suzanne Vega (aka "mother of the MP3"), of which the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise shall pay homage to those historically involved in this belief system. Also note that the name is also a parody of the name Sault Ste. Marie which is a name that collectively refers to a city in Michigan as well as a city in Ontario, Canada. After pointing out some relevance these cities have to the gaming industry, or gambling in which some put it that way, it seemed to make some sense to find another meaning seeing as Las Vegas is a bigger city on the other side of the United States to have a more reputable gaming industry; also point out how the name Sault is pronounced the same as Sue (like in Suzanne). The intriguing nature of this album's name should be guaranteed to generate some hype.

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