The album cover depicts a Lincoln Continental between the model years 1995-2002. This is also the album cover that came with the 2016 update of this album, which would have VOLUME 1 embroidered on it, as well as better-matching colors to come closer to the official shades of the ECU Pirates color scheme.

Suum Zuum Zanne

Older album cover from initial release.

Suum Zuum Zanne is an free MP3 album from Suzanne Records, released October 18, 2014.

The name Suum Zuum Zanne is a play on the song title Zoom Zoom Zoom by Serapis Bey, of which is also a song that would be the basis for Mazda's advertising anthem.

2016 update

In 2016, this album would undergo a few alterations, such as trimming the length of the tracks on the album, altering the album art to say VOLUME 1 on it, and an additional track would even be included as an incentive to re-download this album.

Track listing

  1. Mazda advertising - Zoom Zoom Z
  2. Serapis Bey - Zoom Zoom Zoom O
  3. Alan Jackson - Drive (For Daddy Gene)
  4. Hi Tek 3 - Spin That Wheel (Extended version)
  5. Marko Polo - Speedy Speed Boy
  6. Chuck Berry - Route 66
  7. Barney And Friends - The Wheels On The Bus E K
  8. Tom Cochrane - Life Is A Highway
  9. Chuck Berry - No Particular Place To Go
  10. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody W
  11. Joe Diffie - Pickup Man
  12. The Cadillacs - Speedo
  13. Jan & Dean - Dead Man's Curve T
  14. Ronny & The Daytonas - G.T.O.
  15. The Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe
  16. Haddaway - What Is Love R
  17. The Kids Of Widney High - New Car
  18. Queen - Bicycle Race B
  19. Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats - Rocket 88
  20. Chamillionaire - Ridin'
  21. The Beach Boys - 409
  22. Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack
  23. A Goofy Movie - On The Open Road K
  24. Louis Prima - Route 66 A
  • A This is a BONUS TRACK that is part of the 2016 revision of the album
  • B This song is not about "cars" per se; but its TOO AWESOME to exclude.
  • E This song is educational
  • K This song is kid-friendly
  • O This is the original song that inspired the song in Mazda advertising
  • R This song was from the What Is Love YTMND fad, as well as the Roxbury Guys skit from SNL
    • people tilted their heads in a car in the scene.
    • the reason why this is "track 16" is because age 16 is the "sweet" age for love
  • T "track 13" was chosen because the song is that UNLUCKY!
  • W This song was from a Mirthmobile scene in Wayne's World
  • Z This song was ripped from a YouTube video

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