Suzanne's Underground Songs In Exile Quarantine is a series of free MP3 albums from Suzanne Records. The album series has been proposed as the Suzanne Records' answer to the Nisa's YouTube Rejects series from Nisa Records. The name 'Suzanne's Underground Sones In Exile Quarantine is a backronym on the name Susie Q, and it also functions as a semi-recursive acronym since its technically a nickname for some things that refer to something with the name Suzanne.

The main focus of this album series is to offer a free MP3 album of music that YouTube has blocked. It will also pay homage to Suzanne Vega of whom is "mother of the MP3" since songs by her are being nominated for this album even if her songs aren't really blocked per se. The album series is really here to set an example on salvation of free entertainment, in which the name Salvo can be slang for "salvation".

The word "quarantine" was chosen for this album because basically some tracks are being QUARANTINED from upload to Salvo Music Waves since YouTube's fury of copyfraud over Warner Music Group is why the free entertainment market even started in the first place.

Albums in the series

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