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SuzanneRecords (third redesign) (fixed)

The new logo for Suzanne Records. It includes the redesigned logo for The Suzanne activist group, and the font Square 721 on the word "RECORDS", in which that font was also used for Leonard Cohen's album I'm Your Man. However, the "R" in this logo was manually altered to be more legible since this logo is displayed in smaller dimensions on many Suzanne Records albums.

SuzanneRecords (third design)

the "R" in (R)ECO(R)DS wasn't all that legible, so this rendition of the logo got rejected shortly after.


A fancy logo for Suzanne Records, derived from an image on the cover of Leonard Cohen's album The Future.


the original logo for Suzanne Records. Retired from use on any future album cover.

Suzanne Records is a record label that represents the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise, since stiff competition from the Nunica Internet Social Alliance has has come from the Nisa subsidiary Nisa Records, the Suzanne movement has decided to market their own record label to rebels on the Internet.

For similar reasons why Nisa Records started months ago, Suzanne Records is marketing free MP3 albums to help fill in the void leftover from the demise of Napster and Limewire, in which also the awful copyright filter on YouTube imposed by Warner Music Group's dispute with Google is also a key reason why Suzanne Records is expanded upon.

This record label is managed by record producer and free entertainment activist Supremo Zanne.

Released albums



The flagship album series of this record label, of which this album series largely consists of tracks from former YTMND user Suzanne's now-deleted sites.

And its spinoffs:

Suzanne Roots For The Pirates

main article: Suzanne Roots For The Pirates

This is another album series started by Suzanne Records since they are an unofficial sponsor of the ECU Pirates. Themes for "music about pirates" varies on this album series.

  • Volume 1, The first album to be released by Suzanne Records, songs about pirates
  • Volume 2, the second volume of Suzanne Roots For The Pirates. Unlike the first volume, this one is geared more toward sports music similar to what Jock Jams had.
  • Volume 3, the third volume of Suzanne Roots For The Pirates. This time, we have an album that incorporates music from the movie Pirates Of Silicon Valley, along with the similar movie Jobs, and even incorporates some Smash Mouth songs in response to the hype for Smash Mouth playing at Piratefest in Greenville, North Carolina in spring 2016.
  • Volume 4, includes more Shrek tracks that volume 3 left out, and also some BONUS ITEMS.
  • Volume 5, released as another response to the media reaction to Prince's death RIP 1958-2016
  • Volume 6, has songs about school, as another homage to East Carolina University.

Suum Zuum Zanne

main article: Suum Zuum Zanne

This album series has albums with songs about cars.

Celebrity death tributes

Other albums produced by this record label

Prince's untimely death. RIP 1958-2016, also a PROTEST statement to YouTube blocking Prince songs.


Suzanne Records doesn't just have albums, but singles too.

Upcoming albums

Some of these albums have been proposed for many months. Release of these albums will depend on the apparent demand for their release. There is only a finite amount of free megabytes on file hosting sites, so we are sometimes hesitant to release albums as per that dilemma.

Dormant projects

Note, many of these projects have been put on hold for a long time.

Cancelled albums

  • YTMND's Greatest Hits, this album was proposed as an incentive to get some YTMND users to join the Suzanne movement, but this album has been cancelled because YTMND user Suzanne has quit YTMND for good, due to a bad YTMND user contacting family members of a Suzanne activist, since gr33nscr33n spammed links to them.


The idea on why the name Suzanne was chosen as the name of a record label not only was to act as a subsidiary of the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise which "Suzanne" is an acronym for, but also to honor Suzanne Vega's status of being "mother of the MP3" since so many albums make use of the MP3 file format for the tracks on the albums.

Since Leonard Cohen had a song titled Suzanne, this even lead to the idea of spoofing Leonard Cohen album covers, as well as designing a logo for the record label which derives its outlines from Leonard Cohen's album titled The Future.

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