Suzanne Roots For The Pirates album cover

Album cover has unofficial product placement of the ECU Pirates.

Suzanne Roots For The Pirates Volume 1 is the first MP3 album to be released by Suzanne Records, as well as the first album to be part of the Suzanne Roots For The Pirates series of albums. This album has music that is about pirates or themed around the concept. This album also has unofficial product placement of the East Carolina Pirates, though it is NOT endorsed by East Carolina University.

This album was uploaded because the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise wanted their Suzanne Records subsidiary to have at least one MP3 album so they could help catch up with their competition, Nisa Records seeing as former service workers of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance started a new activist group to catch up with the market of FREE ENTERTAINMENT activism, particularly with free MP3 albums.

Track listing

  1. ECU Marching Pirates - E.C. Victory (1999 recording)
  2. LazyTown - You're A Pirate
  3. Darkerfire - Pirate Melo (demo) NG
  4. Painty The Pirate And Kids - Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song
  5. The Toasters - Pirate Radio
  6. Tenchi Muyo - Hero-Confrontation-Pirate-Ship
  7. Adventures In The Magic Kingdon - Pirate Island
  8. Thomas Dolby - Europa and the Pirate Twins
  9. The Rugrats - Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Yum!
  10. Jan Rap - Horlepiep APM
  11. Alistair Lindsay - Pirate Deeds (RCT3 track)
  12. They Might Be Giants - Pirate Girls Nine
  13. Tenchi Muyo! - Granceful Pirate
  • NG This track is available to hear on Newgrounds Audio Portal. link
  • APM This track is a track from the APM Music library. This track is also famously heard in Spongebob Squarepants episodes.

Fun facts

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