Suzanne Vega is a musician.



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"Mother of the MP3"

Suzanne Vega is known as "mother of the MP3", simply because the a cappella version of the song Tom's Diner was used as a "testbed" during development of the MP3 file format.

The largely non-repetitious features of the audio data in the Tom's Diner song were rather difficult to compress the data of, in which was a challenge for German audio engineer Karlheinz Brandenburg.

Interestingly, the OBX-based activist group the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise backronymed the name Suzanne based on this very fun fact.

Influence on Suzanne activism

Suzanne vega who is known as "mother of the MP3" would also play a role in the career of a YTMND user named Suzanne who tried to salvage free entertainment on YTMND in 2015, though for an unknown reason Suzanne Somers would become the avatar for the YTMND user, and mascot for the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise activist group.

Suzanne Vega is alos the namesake for the record label Suzanne Records since it would make sense to pay homage to the MOTHER OF THE MP3 on albums that would use the MP3 file format. Suzanne Vega would also become an ECU Pirates member of The ECU Pirates Of Suzanne clique.

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